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What is a signup bonus?

While creating your account, we have assigned 250 (or depending on promo period) welcome bonus points to help you get started.

Signup bonus points can be used for visitors and traffic exchange, video media promotion or social like/share promotion services on the IBHits platform.

What are the points? How they are used?

Point is the unit we use to measure service distribution.

As stated below, points will be distributed and awarded:


- Automatic traffic exchange: 1 Point per 30 seconds website / business visit / view

- Manual traffic exchange: 2 Points per manual website / business visit / view

- Video media exchange: 10 - 100 Points as assigned per YouTube video campaign / view

- Social exchange: 10 - 100 Points as assigned per Facebook campaign / Like or Share


Points are distributed automatically and evenly to all campaigns listed under your account (as specified while creating each campaign). As long as your campaigns are active and you have points remaining in your balance, you will receive hits to your campaigns from active users in our network. Your campaigns are on auto-pilot so you can focus on your business while we take care about promotion.

* YouTube and Facebook are trademark brands belonging to their respected owners.

Will all hits show up on Google Analytics ?

Yes, all visits are seen on Google Analytics. If you want to see the true number of hits then have a look under page views section. We also recommend that you use our hits counter for live tracking and detailed statistics. Visit hitcounter.ibhits.com in your browser to get your free counter now!

Will my purchases will be shown right away?

IBHits offers payments via secured PayPal and CoinGate platforms supporting major credit card and digital currencies payments.


Purchases are processed within minutes and purchase will be automatically assigned to your account.

CoinGate (Bitcoin - Altcoin)

Purchases can be delayed as digital currencies sometimes require manual verifications. Mostly, purchases are processed instantly depending on your online digital currencies benefits.

Please allow up to 12 hours before opening support ticket. Our financial team monitors all transactions and actively works to process them as soon as possible.

How many browser sessions can I run ?

You can run as many sessions as you like (unlimited) but you can only run one session per IP and device.