Free Points by Sharing
Video Promotion


Create  ∘  Upload  ∘  Collect Points

Earn 3125 points for each video created (worth 5$).

Upload it multiple times & earn extra 625 points for each extra upload! (worth 1$)

Earn points in easy steps

  • Create a 60 sec video about IBHits.
  • Upload video on YouTube.
  • Upload video on other video sites to earn extra points for each extra upload.
  • Special bonus for High quality videos!
  • Special bonus for unique ideas!
  • Submit ticket under IBHits Promo category with your video link(s).
  • Congrats! Now you got 3125 + extra 625 for each extra upload added into your balance
  • Use your affiliate link on the video description

Free points conditions

  • Video MUST be about IBHits
  • Video length is about 60 sec
  • Your video MUST be unique
  • Mention IBHits on the video & title
  • Insert IBHits website link into the video description
  • Max 5 per submission


Forum Promotion


Post ∘  Reply ∘  Collect Points

Earn 2500 points for each forum thread (worth 4$)

Earn 625 points for reply on any major webmasters forums (worth 1$)

Earn points in easy steps

  • Post a thread about IBHits (including link(s))
  • It can be a case study (IE: ranking with IBHits services), how to (IE: 1 click to get your website popular), etc.
  • Reply to questions/threads related to SEO, website promotion, website traffic, video promotion, etc.
  • Don't miss inserting the IBHits link
  • Submit ticket  under IBHits Promo category with threads and your replies link(s)
  • Congrats! Now you got 2500 points for each thread + 625 points for each reply
  • Use your affiliate link (if the forum allows it)

Free points conditions

  • Thread MUST be unique content, MANUAL post submission
  • Reply for ONLY related threads.
  • Post on webmasters and SEO forums or any related niche.
  • Forum must be 15k or less Alexa.
  • Post in English or your native language.
  • IBHits link MUST be in the thread/reply.
  • Your account must be in good standing without any flags on the forum. It should have age and post count (no new accounts)
  • Do it in a proper way (do not copy/paste the details)
  • Max 5 per submission


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