Do's and Dont's - Traffic exchange

As we are serious about the business we do. Please read IBHits traffic exchange terms and limitations.

Websites submitted into our system under "Website Manager" page explained:

  • Pending Status: Website is under review by our system administrator
  • Approved: Website is accepted and included under "Automatic Traffic Exchange" and "Manual Traffic Exchange" platforms
  • URL Deleted: Website, as it is, does not meet IBHits security or other policies.




  •  Simple and direct URL links, for example:
  •  Websites with subdomains, for example:
  •  Referral links, for example
  •  Google shortened links, for example:
  •  Any other form of URL that does not fall under category listed below


Not Accepted


  • Website URL's redirecting users to third parity services before accessing the desired website, for example:,, Linkshrink and similar advertising services. (Prohibited by third parity service providers)
  • Websites with popup and frame breaker option not allowing our customers to lave the website
  • Websites offering automatic downloads including but not limited to softwares
  • Websites promoting hate, alcohol and illegal international subjects


Last Updated: 06/12/2017 08:24